Compostable Hygiene Liners

These compostable hygiene liners safeguard swimwear & lingerie during try-on.

Unit Quantity: 1 roll carries 500 Liners

Quality Guaranteed tick icon Industrially compostable certified icon Renewable materials icon
Quality Guaranteed tick icon Industrially compostable certified icon Renewable materials icon

EXCLUSIVE TO BETTER PACKAGING CO. Who wouldn't prefer their swimsuit without a side serve of plastic?! Exactly. That's why we developed comLINERS - also known as gusset stickers or hygiene liners.

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Each roll carries 500 liners.

Each liner measures 50 x 110mm.

Blush liners come vertical on a roll.

The design also includes a QR code to help the end user understand what these are made of and how best to dispose of them.

Blush - By adding a subtle blush tint to the film, the adhesive is less likely to transfer.*

Garments with comLINERS on them should be kept away from heat and stored in a cool, dark place.

12 months.

*Note: While we undertake extensive testing of these products, including their ability to adhere to our own packaging materials, we are unable to test them on all materials under all conditions. If you have any concerns regarding their ability to stick and/or leave residue on materials, please purchase a sample or small quantity to test yourself before placing a larger order.

* The compostable adhesive has a lower melting point than traditional adhesive. If garments are stored in a hot environment and the adhesive does 'melt' off the liner and onto the garment, it will wash off easily in warm-hot water.

• The sticker is a coated transparent high gloss film produced from wood pulp (especially formulated to contain a high percentage of renewable materials) .

• The backing is white glassine paper (100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable).

• The adhesive is also non toxic, certified industrially compostable and made from a high proportion of renewable materials.

• Responsibly produced.

• These transparent, adhesive liners are certified Commercially Compostable so they'll only stick around as long as needed! Perfect for swimwear, underwear etc.

Face material: DIN CERTCO EN13432/ASTM D6400
Glue/adhesive: OK Compost Industrial TUV

Diagram highlighting Better Packaging compostable hygiene liner product lifecycle from the materials, how it's produced, it's usage and end of use disposal instructions
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