comPOLY Bags - Short-dated

SHORT-DATED STOCK. These bags are due to expire in 1-3 months so please only purchase if you will use before that date.
  • Better Safe - has two ventilation holes on each side, resealable adhesive seals and suffocation warnings in 13 languages
  • Size - 200 x 250mm
  • Unit Quantity - 100 bags per pack 

I’m a certified home compostable alternative to a traditional poly bag, suitable for protecting your goods from the elements e.g., as garment bags, t-shirt bags/sleeves, for stationary, jewellery and more. I am only 30um thick so NOT suitable as a mailing satchel. Our comPOST Packs are for mailing.

I’m made from corn starch with a man-made binding agent  added for flexibility. I am slightly milky in colour but am definitely see-through and bar codes can be read through me. But the best bit … I can be composted at home! Yip, when you’ve finished using me, just put me in with your food scraps and garden waste, and before you know it, worms will be eating me for breakfast. Better. Right.

As these bags get closer to their expiry date they will begin the degradation process. This means that their seals may begin to weaken and labels may not stick so well.

SHELF LIFE: Use by August '22.

CERTIFICATIONS: AS 5810 Home Compostable | OK Home Compost | Seedling AS 4736


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1 tree planted per order
is 200% Carbon Offset

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