comFLOW Rolls

I’m on a roll! 2000m of certified home compostable flow wrap suitable for protecting your goods from the elements. Width 450mm, thickness 25um.

We have had great success producing rolls of our home compostable film for use in flow wrapping machines. It is suitable for applications such as;

  • Magazine wrapping
  • Automatic bagging machines for packaging of eCommerce orders

Like our courier satchels, our wrap is waterproof, durable and certified 100% biodegradable, unlike epi enviro wrap which actually degrades into micro plastics (it is oxo-degradable and has been banned in the EU) which is commonly used for wrapping magazines. 

Combine with our compostable labels for the full sustainable package!

SHELF LIFE 10 months from purchase

CERTIFICATIONS AS 5810 Home Compostable | OK Home Compost | Seedling AS 4736


BY SWITCHING TO THIS PRODUCT You will make Positive Impact

We believe in measurable impact, so we track every purchase you make with us and tally up your total impact in your My Account dashboard. By purchasing this product, you will make a positive impact in these ways …

1 tree planted per order

Mailers are available in the following designs

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Sold out
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