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I'm the original comPOST Pack - a certified home compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel partly made from plants. I have a lovely, matt finish with printed graphics as per the image gallery. I'm flat (i.e. no gusset, but some stretch) with a flap and self-seal strip.

Available in 8 handy sizes and 4 colours. 

Black Dirt Bags come in all sizes, others as follows: 

  • White Dirt Bags: Small, Medium, Large, LLarge, XLarge
  • Good to be Blue: Medium, Large, LLarge
  • Stone In the Buff: Large, XLarge

    Black Dirt Bags - XXL and Uber, also come in our Tote-ally reusable design.

    Tote-ally Reusable is our next generation in home compostable courier satchel. They are now designed to be reused as a carry bag, just follow the simple to understand directions printed on the bag and you can give you your courier satchels as second life.

    Check the Sizing Guide in the image gallery as the bag thickness and number of seals vary by size. 

    I behave just like a plastic satchel except when left in nature! In a home compost I will biodegrade in 3-6 months and can also be commercially composted. Find out how. Labels stick to me no problem*, and I'm waterproof and strong. Better. Right.


    • Only our Black Bags are completely opaque, all other colours are slightly transparent.
    • *We do extensive QA testing with our own labels and others, but can't guarantee that ALL labels will to stick to these mailers

    SHELF LIFE 10 months from purchase

    CERTIFICATIONS AS 5810 Home Compostable | OK Home Compost | Seedling AS 4736


    BY SWITCHING TO THIS PRODUCT You will make Positive Impact

    We believe in measurable impact, so we track every purchase you make with us and tally up your total impact in your My Account dashboard. By purchasing this product, you will make a positive impact in these ways …

    1 tree planted per order
    is 200% Carbon Offset

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